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Residenza T'Allicon

 A small village on the hills where you can admire breathtaking sunsets that charm your eyes and thrill your heart, a view of unique land full of history and flavours... I Colli Piacentini.

"Residenza T'Allicon" is located up to the Piacenza hills, near the town of  Gazzola at about 450 meters above sea level. The restoration  result of the old " Farming village of Paderna" of  100,000 square meters of park completely fenced. In the garden in a sunny position the large swimming pool and bath tub complete the relaxing area. Close to the complex there is a valid Private Centre Riding well equipped. The Residenza composed by the owner Villa and luxurious Country Houses  ranging in size from 150 to 370 mq2. The old riding of 30x 60 meters in the grass is now used as a pitch for ball games or other recreational activities for children and adults.